Sunday, April 22, 2012

Earth Day Memories: Greetings From A Small Planet

From Apollo 17 mission images.  Photo courtesy NASA.

This is my friend, The Earth.
Today's her Day. Happy Earth Day, everyone!

On Earth Day 17 years ago I was in Norwalk, Connecticut, at what was then the Globe Theater. I was there for a terrific concert headlined by one of my favorite local bands, Somah. Some time later, when I was working as a music journalist, I wrote a profile of the band ("Somah Puts The Psychic Back in Psychedelia") for the October, 1997 issue of Rhythm & News magazine.

The musicians who so endeared Somah to a generation of local music fans were Dave Wendell (drums, lead vocals), Joe Bowman (guitars), Greg Goldman (bass guitar), and Jake Lambertson (keyboards). In its heyday (1992-1998), the band released three studio albums: Ice Skating on the Moon (1993); Find The Time (1994); and Arbor Painted Night (1996).

Both band and theater are gone now, but the memories and the music remain, and are well worth seeking out. Here's a few starting points:

Samples site:
Fansite (MySpace):
PJW Profile:

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