Wednesday, March 13, 2013

A Walk in the Park: Today

By Patrick J. Walsh

Today I walked in the park.

It has been nearly two and a half months since my Mom passed away, and today was the first day since her passing that I have been able to walk in the park.

Although I was by myself, I did not feel alone. It seemed as though I might be walking a bit slower than I have in the past, but that may have been an artifact of the emotions involved, or simply the result of my lingering reacquaintance with the pleasantness of my surroundings.

As I walked, my mind was awash in the notion of what it would be like to live a life of pure spirit. Unencumbered by the infirmities of age or illness or the limitations of this physical existence, the life of the spirit could be open to the experience of all good things, immediately, without reservation.

Following a physical life of faith and joy and the preparation born of the sharing of one’s experiences and treasure without hesitation, the life of the spirit seems a logical extension of a will well exercised in gratitude and service.

In recent days, the exhilaration of this line of thought has helped to temper the sadness of my grieving, and given rise to the kind of hope that sustains mourner and mystic alike.

In this time of Lenten temperance, it is a hope whose comfort is familiar to me, having been a part of all the Easters of my childhood, and a defining characteristic of my Holy Week preparations as an adult.

I walked in the park today. I was by myself, but I did not feel alone.

It is nice to know that we can walk together again, free of the limitations of age and infirmity and illness.

My steps are a little slower than they once were, my progress a little less than it will one day be. But it is good to walk again, and to not be alone.

© Patrick J. Walsh


  1. "...the life of the spirit seems a logical extension of a will well exercised in gratitude and service."
    Wise and important words.
    Glad to hear your words from the park again.

    1. Thank you for your support, Kris. I am so grateful for your comments.

  2. Love the beautiful photo at the top!

    Encouraged to hear you walking forward once more, taking things one slow steady step at a time.

    1. One of the nicest things about the park is that there is so much beauty there, just waiting for us to acknowledge it - kind of like life, I suppose. Thanks for your support, Jennifer. It is definitely a long road, and I am grateful for every kindness...

  3. This was a soulful examination of thoughts, experiences, grieving, and looking forward but still rooted in the now. The picture captures the "reflections" beautifully.

  4. Getting caught up on your walks. Glad to see your thoughtfulness and knowing that you are truly never alone. I love your series in that you take the same physical steps every time, but always see the new insights this world and the promise of next bring. Take care, Pat.

  5. Thank you, Sue. I am truly blessed with the life I've been given by my folks and by my family, and I am so grateful for the friends who have broadened my mind or brightened my heart. Thanks for keeping up on my 'travels', and for all your kindness and friendship. God bless you!